Queer Comedy Film Shoot in My Bathtub

I can't say it's not a dream come true: As I write, a crew of hilarious and awesome lesbian film makers are shooting a bathtub scene in my house for a comedy short. It's happening mere feet away from my desk. Sometimes I wish I weren't cursed with the sense of personal / professional decorum that's stopping me from just wandering on by. As it is, I remain here day dreaming.

Tantalizing, impassable boundaries aside, it's super wonderful to have a dozen really exuberant creative people in the house sharing this space to make something hilarious happen. How do I get this to come true here on the regular?

Hear ye, people of the internets: my house,  backyard, bathtub, and more are yours for the creative projecting! Come here and make amazing things!

Nudity-intensive projects not required. But always appreciated.