The Bad Advice Column

One part Dear Abby, one part Savage Love, one part Trampoline Hall: Email us with your burning questions about love (or anything else) and get answers from our panel of certifiable non-experts (circus performers and audience volunteers) during the next Super Fun Variety Show on Saturday, April 21. Live, improvised, highly public answers to life's deepest problems: what could we call it but The Bad Advice Column?

And yes, your question will be read anonymously:)

Brooklyn Base Your Face Off!

We love Brooklyn Based. They give some of the best insider tips around for living a better, more exciting life in BKNY. And, wonder of wonders, they sent us some love back! Jump through the image to see Something Else For Your Saturday...

What else do we love? Up-by-the-bootstraps urban renewal! And that means we keep up with the fine folks listing articles and events at Gowanus Your Face Off...and they sent us some love today too! All damn right! Super Fun gets more Super indeed, what with support from friends like these!