Newest Super Fun Member!

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you: Fishy Fish. Our intern.

Fishy has already been garnering amazing press from the New York performing arts world:

"If some clown swallows that fish, if that fish is abused in any emotional manner, and/or that fish is denied a proper bowl with castle, I will report your show to PETA," says one respected commentator.

Rest assured, that fish LIVES to perform. It would be crueler not to let it (him? her?) go on.

Come sink your teeth into the controversy this Sunday night 7PM at the Living Theatre for the latest installment of Super Fun Variety!

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February 24 Means Super Hot Cheap Fun Variety

The Super Fun Variety Show returns with a radical underground circus cabaret, Sunday Feb 24, during the Hot Cheap Living performance festival that marks the end of the famous Living Theatre’s residence at 21 Clinton Street.

Super Fun Variety, launched in 2011, is committed to an irreverent spirit, a strong social consciousness, and an environmentally and creatively sustainable local community. Previous shows have sold out to standing-room-only crowds and featured top-flight talents, including world-renowned variety performers, internationally acclaimed circus artists, award-winning literati, and the 2012 Academy Award-nominated film short, “Time Freak.” Impose Magazine calls us “an incredible array of talent ranging from the silly to the sublime.”

Hosted by sibling ukulele sensations Ellia and Josh Bisker (of Sweet Soubrette and Cobra Gold), February 24th's Super (Hot Cheap) Fun Variety Show features a panoply of circus performers, physical comedians, acrobats, musical acts, bicycle arts activists, and more, and is paired with a show by Brooklyn-based ragtime-punk sextet Apocalypse Five and Dime (the perfect soundtrack to what happens after the world ends). With:

WHAT: Super Fun Variety Show
WHEN: Sunday, February 24, 2013
WHERE: The Living Theatre
ADDRESS: 21 Clinton Street, NYC
DOORS: 7:00pm

A Super Cub Comes to New York

A Super Cub C70 sighted in New York City! I love, love, love these little bikes. They're ubiquitous around Japan, indestructible, super comfortable, and adorable. I got to ride a friend's family's cub around all of Western Japan in a series of increasingly madcap adventures, and miss the thing as if it were a friend I'd left behind there.

Three-stroke cyclical clutch, nary a maintenance issue ever, hilariously good fuel economy, and SO CUTE. The speedometer on this one goes to 55 kph. Adorable!

Super (Hot Cheap) Fun

Coming soon to a (Living) theater near you:
the Super Fun Variety Show!

Sunday, February 24 @ 8 pm 
Part of the Hot Cheap Living Festival
at the Living Theater

Mark your calendars, people.

The Good to Go Girls
 Laura Witwer & Chris Delgado
Sabrina Chap
Mistress B
Cobra Gold!
Charming Disaster
& many more indescribable wonderments!

Followed by a 9pm full set by
Apocalypse Five and Dime!

Queer Comedy Film Shoot in My Bathtub

I can't say it's not a dream come true: As I write, a crew of hilarious and awesome lesbian film makers are shooting a bathtub scene in my house for a comedy short. It's happening mere feet away from my desk. Sometimes I wish I weren't cursed with the sense of personal / professional decorum that's stopping me from just wandering on by. As it is, I remain here day dreaming.

Tantalizing, impassable boundaries aside, it's super wonderful to have a dozen really exuberant creative people in the house sharing this space to make something hilarious happen. How do I get this to come true here on the regular?

Hear ye, people of the internets: my house,  backyard, bathtub, and more are yours for the creative projecting! Come here and make amazing things!

Nudity-intensive projects not required. But always appreciated.