Puppies on Parade!

The next event I’ll get to "Peel Back the Curtain" on is one I’ll be performing in, not just running support for—Kurt and Kristen's Hot Tub Comedy and Variety Show at Littlefield in Brooklyn. We espied this gig on another band's listserv; those guys were unable to do it, EVEN THOUGH THE DESCRIPTION ASKED THEM TO LEAD A PUPPY-HUGGING PARADE THROUGH THE STREETS. Cobra Gold stepped in to fill this obviously critical gap. Also, yeah, it's a fundraiser for the local no-kill shelter, Brooklyn's Dog Habitat Rescue.

Monday, September 12th, 8:00: Hot Tub's 2nd Annual 9/11 Memorial Puppy Hugging Parade, featuring Todd Barry, Jiwon Lee, Musical Guest Franz Nicolay, Cobra Gold, and more.

Will we really get to hug puppies? We'd better. PUPPIES.

(Perhaps it will be like this)